2023 Fool's Traverse

2023 Fool's Traverse Artwork | TRVRS Outdoors


 "The Fool is the experience of the journey. 

The path of in between, a place of abstraction, 
indescribable and inconceivable, a place of unlimited potential. 

He is the journey between decision and the first explosion of movement. He never leaves this abstract realm. 
He never falls or fails, despite the cliff edge opening over a bottomless gulf. 

Wherever the Fool goes, the ground rises to meet him. His steps create the universe. 
He is the reminder that life is about the journey, 
about taking the first step, 
not the destination." 

The Fool’s Traverse is a challenging endurance event hosted by TRVRS Outdoors and created to promote a safer hiking experience while raising awareness for outdoor stewardship throughout our public lands. The event consists of 11 checkpoints within the Mount Baldy area of which participants strategically navigate in order to increase eligibility to win prizes from our sponsors. 

The 11 markers are located almost completely above 8,000 feet  and the trails that connect them feature scenic views as well as drastic elevation change. The route can fluctuate between easy hiking trails, technical class-2 terrain, and some steep talus fields. Its participants are rewarded with stunning views of the Sheep Mountain Wilderness, the Angeles National Forest, and the Cucamonga Wilderness territories. 


2023 Fool's Traverse Mixtape

The Fool's Traverse mixtape is a musical experience created to get participants hyped for the event. Every year, we hand select a combination of classic deep cut gems, as well as new releases from up-and-coming artists around the world. 

Whether you want to listen to it during your training sessions or you prefer to download the entire 7+ hour playlist to listen to during the event when you need that extra motivation; Do not sleep on these specially curated records.

Check out the 2023 Fool's Traverse Spotify Playlist and start training!