The Collective

Ricardo Soria Jr. 

Founder / Designer
Team Member Ricardo (Aar Jay) Soria - Designer | TRVRS APPAREL

The Founder of TRVRS Outdoors, Ricardo "Aar Jay" Soria cites his inspiration as 'family, friends, fitness, art, and growth'. After drawing for most of his life, Ricardo momentarily replaced the paper and pencil with a topo map and trail runners. He has since explored large sections of the Angeles National Forest and Southern California's surrounding wilderness while dabbling in long distance running and mountaineering. The TRVRS Outdoors collection is a direct reflection of his love for the wilderness, the community around it, and the personal growth that is found while exploring its depths. 

Jeremy Boggs

Video Coordinator

Team Memeber Jeremy Boggs - Videographer | TRVRS APPAREL
"Media & outdoor pursuits always seemed to go hand in hand my entire life. Either barely keeping our out of date VHS-C camera powered on skateboard trips or the constant lugging of far too much camera gear up big mountains in the West. After living all over California, feeling truly at home with all my belongings in a pack & a true desire to grow, develop and excel in wild places. I love all things outdoors & am thirsty for hunting out the nerdiest of forgotten mountain history. Balancing all the fun in the sun with a growing career as a television editor & a member of IATSE Editors Guild here in Los Angeles.

All that matters is ... where is the next adventure?"
-Jeremy Boggs

You can check out more of Jeremy's adventures on his Youtube Channel or read about his adventures on his blog!