Iron Mountain #1 Enamel Lapel Pin

Iron Mountain #1 is arguably the most remote peak in the Sheep Mountain Wilderness and possibly the entire San Gabriel mountain range. To reach the peak, one must climb roughly 7,000 feet over the course of 7 miles over rough class 1 terrain and sun exposure.

Only the toughest of local outdoor enthusiasts have taken on the trail and seen the infamous triangular witness post, marked "W15", up close and personal. Its sighting serves as a testament to the sheer will and endurance of its beholder.

Now you can show others that you are a true Angeles National Forest  junkie by attaching the official Iron Mountain enamel pin to your pack or favorite hikin' hat.


  • Sleek gun metal backing.
  • Butterfly clutch for secure attachment.
  • Identical to the real deal (We literally climbed the Big Iron mountain via its north ridge and took a photo of the actual witness post to replicate this pin). 

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